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Settling in to new workshop!!

Wow that has been a crazy first couple of weeks in the new workshop. People in & out all while trying to keep the work flow up. Thanks to the crew from RA Johnstone for travelling down from Auckland & spending a few days with us installing & providing training on our new paint system. In keeping up with technology & industry changes we took the opportunity of the workshop move to change to Baslac 45 – Line Waterborne – the latest in BASF technology. Thumbs up from the staff for not only being more environmentally friendly with less emissions into the atmosphere, but an easy to use product range making colours & effects much quicker & easier to replicate.
We will be holding a trade night towards the end of August where John O’Connor from Baslac will be performing a spraybooth paint using these products – details to follow once organised.11062818_865779100142056_4202538460468079879_o





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